Sunday, September 21, 2014

Project #3


  1. Hello Emily, nice job on explaining what Project Based Learning is. I liked how you mentioned the essentials of PBL and listed some benefits that students would enhance after mastering Project Based Learning techniques. I agree that Project Based Learning engage students in more activities because it allows students to gather and share interesting information and voice their own opinions, then revise and reflect on that information. I also enjoyed the video clip you chose. I picked the same video for my presentation because I thought it gave a great example of what PBL is. However, I did notice that slides 5-9 were left blank. You may want to go back and figure out what went wrong during the process of you uploading your presentation. Other than that, you did a great job on explaining PBL. If I was a new teacher, I could really benefit from your information.

  2. Well done. Slides 6-9 have very small type and may be hard to read. More slides are not very expensive - $0.00! Use more slides.