Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K #1

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Summary of Transportation - Unfair things in Aucklandby student blogger Lesieli from Pt England School.

In this blog post Leseili writes about how public transportation should be required to have seat belts. She makes a valid points about how seat belts would make public transportation safer despite being more expensive. She mentions that she would feel safer if public transportation had seat belts.

The comment I left on her post complimented her on her insightful thinking. I mentioned that she is not alone in her way of thinking. The same problem exist here in the United States and there are many people asking the same question. She responded to my comment and mentioned that the public transportation over there has handrails, but she does not understand how those will keep someone safe.

Summary of Kin-Ball by student blogger Lesieli from Pt England School.

In this blog post Leseili summaries the sport Kin-Ball. This is a popular sport that encourages team building and communication. Not only does it teach teamwork is strengthens speed, agility, and strength. Leseili writes that this game is very popular and has the chance to be an Olympic Event.

Her post was informative and easy to digest. My comment made sure to point that out. I had never heard of Kin-Ball before and her post was a great introduction to it. I complimented her on the use of links and photos.

Summary of Week 4 - 100 Word Challenge by student blogger Michael. His blog is connected to the class blog which can be found here.

Michael had to write an one hundred word blog post that contained certain words. He created a story about getting a puppy from the store.

My comment complimented him on his word choice. He used strong words like "lugubrious".

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