Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post #1

A desktop computer with keyboard and mouse
The first time I heard about EDM 310 was in MA 201, Math for Elementary Education. Everyone who talked about it seemed stressed and confused. They had nothing but horrible things to say. I heard that you HAD to have a Mac or else. It was Mac or nothing. That myth was quickly busted after sending an email to Dr. Strange asking about this. My HP would do just fine in this class. The number one piece of advice I got from everyone in that class was to have someone proof read any blog post before it was posted. I also heard that Dr. Strange was a strange man and rude. If you asked for help, he would be rude and ask if you read the directions.

After the first day of class I understood why everyone was stressed and confused all the time. I walked out of there feeling overwhelmed and under prepared for what I had gotten myself into. Now that I have time to think about everything, I realize that I have nothing to fear. If I stay on top of things and manage my time well, I will be able to succeed in this class. This class is going to take me out of my comfort zone because it’s not a normal class. It is a place to further my knowledge, not just spit out what I’ve learned unlike classes in high school. EDM 310 challenges me in a way that my HY 101, Western Civilization, professor challenged me. It wasn’t a burp back education. He had us thinking about how events in the past have affected us now. It was a challenge because I ready to memorize thousands of dates and random French names.

The most difficult part of EDM 310 is going to be the amount of work that is given. I looked over the checklist and it appears to be an overwhelming amount of activities. I have poor time management skills which has always caused trouble in school and even outside of school activities. To remedy this problem, I am buying a planner. I have free days where I can work on blog post and other assignments which I need to take advantage of.

Although I do not have any questions about EDM 310 at the moment, I know I can turn to my fellow students, professor, or lab assistants for help. This class will be hard but I believe by the end of it, I will had learned a lot and grown as an educator.


  1. Great blog! I know this class can seem overwhelming but we are here to answer any questions and offer any support we can. There is a lot of work, but as long as you manage your time well you will be fine. Good luck this semester!

  2. Hi Emily! Your blog was very encouraging. I remember sitting in EDU 400 this summer listening to the students taking EDU 310 like you were in your class. I kept thinking to myself how thankful I wasn't in that class. I became stressed just listening to them. Do you have a full schedule this semester? Good luck in the class!