Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post #10

a screenshot of Dr. Strange's Video
What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy? In her video Little Kids...Big Potential, she shows how she uses technology in her classroom. As a pioneer of technology in her workplace, Cassidy shows us new and unique ways to use technology. While the use of SMARTboards and blogs are common, Cassidy shows how her students expand their personal learning networks through the use of Skype and Wikis. I found it interesting that she used Nintendo DS's and NintenDogs to teach her students responsibility and teamwork. In Dr. Strange's videos, Interviewing with Mrs. Cassidy, he and Cassidy discuss the importance of technology in the classroom. As future teachers, we need to understand that technology is not going anywhere. Cassidy suggest to start with what you like. If you're interested in videos, start with Youtube or if you like writing, start with blogging. She mentions that building your personal learning network is another great place to start.

As far as techniques go, I would take advantage of the technology available to me and my students. The SMARTboard is capable of so many activities as I learned this past week. Some problems I could run into is internet safety or parents who do not want their child being on the internet. If this happens, I will try my best to change the parents mind by showing them just how safe using the internet can be when used properly. Benefits I would reap by following in Cassidy's steps would be that my students might be more engaged. My classroom will be a place of fun and education. Students won't feel as if they're being suffocated by pens and paper and hoards of information.


  1. Hi Emily! When introducing technology into a classroom, teachers should start with what they like or are interested in. I though this was a great tip from Mrs. Cassidy because some teachers may feel overwhelmed at the idea of incorporating it into their class. Great blog post!