Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #5

chart full of tips on expanding your PLN
To be honest I had never heard of "Personal Learning Networks (PLN)" before this blog post. From my understanding a PLN is a network of people where you collect and share information with via the internet. This includes social media, search engines, blog sites..etc. A PLN is not only useful for students, but for educators as well. As a teacher they can help me new learn methods of teaching or learn new information about a topic. They are formed by first creating a base for where all your information is stored. Bookmarking sites such as Delicious or using a website such as symbaloo like the seventh grader did in A Seventh Grader's Personal Learning Enivornment. My own PLN begins on twitter. I've had a twitter for a few years now and I've mainly used it as a place of entertainment. However, because of EDM310 I have created a new Twitter account that is focused more on learning and expanding my connections within in the education system. I have already followed the accounts Dr. Strange has mentioned in the syllabus. I have also started following the Twitter account @thenerdyteacher.

Also, check out this website that gives tips and tricks to help expand your PLN, The Social Media Guide to Growing Your Personal Learning Netowrk.


  1. "From my understanding a PLN is a place where you collect and share information via the internet." People are the core of PLNs, not a place.

    I have the twitter addresses of many teachers on the C4T page. I also include twitter addresses for teachers of classes involved in C4K. I recommend following all of them.

    1. Thank you for correcting my misunderstanding and yes sir I will check that out.