Sunday, November 9, 2014

C4T #3

clip art of a man with the text date security tips for teachers in the upper left hand corner

For this month's C4T, I commented on The Electric Educator, also known as John Sowash. His blog consist of post that provide information on how to protect your data on the internet. The first post I commented on was titled Digital Security for Teachers: Know Your Data". In this blog post he goes over how to view your data, update your privacy settings, and how to backup your data. He concludes by saying once you know how to manage and take control of your account you can reduce the risk of your account information being used incorrectly.

My comment stated how I found his post informative and helpful.

The second post I commented on, Data Security for Teachers - The Basics, Sowash gave a brief overview on some security basics. For example, your password should be at least eight characters long with a mixture of lower case and upper case letters. He also suggest mixing in some numbers and symbols. You should avoid personal information such as birthdays or phone numbers and dictionary words. As in his previous post he strongly suggest backing up your data.

I told Sowash that I enjoyed reading his posts. I also left a link to the class blog. I told him that his post were informative and although I know backing up my data is important, I had never backed up my Google data.

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