Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K #2

1. Doko Organish by Nicolas

Nicolas collaborated with another classmate to produce an art project for International Dot Day. He and his classmate drew a picture of an orange volcano with a rainbow above it. It also had lava coming from it. The final product was neat. I told him I really enjoyed his painting.

2. Blogging Challenge #2 by Zach D.

Zach D. makes complaints. His complaints ranged from hats to class pets, and in the middle there was study hall. His post was entertaining and very relevant to how I felt when I was in his grade. What's the problem hoodies? They really do just keep your head warm. I told him that he made some good points when talking about hats and the class pet. At the end of my comment I told him when he gets to college he won't have to worry about the no hat rule. I also mentioned that when I was in school, hoodies were seen as a safety hazard because it obscured our identity.

3. All About Me by Deven.

Deven shares some information with us. He has two sisters and brother. His brother is "nice and crazy." His sisters are just nice. I like that his favorite animal is a duck. I shared some information with him in my comment. I told him I had a sister and that I wanted a dog. I asked him if he had ever fed the ducks in a park. I have yet to hear back from him.

4. Hats by Raewen Eva.

The title of this blog post is not "Hats." Raewen did not have a title for her post. In her post she explains why hats are important. Hats protect our skin on a sunny day. If we don't wear hats, we will get sunburnt. Her school makes her wear a red hat outside. If they do not, they get in trouble. I asked her if she did research on why hats were important or if this information was from her own observation. She made good points about why hats are important. I suggested she use sunscreen as well to prevent sunburn.

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